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Société Positiviste Internationale
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F-94240 L’Haÿ-les-Roses,
Voix/Voice (33) 01 46 61 23 04
secretary: Emmanuel Lazinier
ingénieur, président: Bernard Bouchet

This webiste is an independent project initiated and designed by

Dr. Olaf Simons
Hauptmarkt 15
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general mail address: positivists@positivists.org

Expert advise

Dr. Michel Bourdeau
Secrétaire de Maison d’Auguste Comte, Paris


François Amsallem, France/ Israel
→ more

David Bardens, Germany/ Sweden
Physician → more

Gustavo Biscaia de Lacerda, Brazil
Master’s degree in Sociology, Universidade Federal do Paraná, lives in Curitiba, Brazil → more

Lawrence A. Boland, Canada
Professor of economics, Simon Fraser University → more

Michel Bourdeau, France
Historian of philosophy and Secrétaire of the Maison d’Auguste Comte in Paris → more

Jonathan J Chipchase, UK
doing a Masters (MRes) in Philosophy — metaphilosophy — at Keele University. Also blogging at (http://naturalisticphilosophy.com) → more

Paul Duxbury, UK
blogging otherwise at beautifulrailwaybridgeofthesilverytay → more

Sietske Fransen, Netherlands/ UK/ Germany
Historian at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin → more

Ismail Ghanbari, Iran
Artist from Neka, Iran → more

Omi Hatashin, Japan
日本イギリス法研究所 Institute for English and Japanese Laws → more

Mohammad Kheirkhah Zoyari, Iran/ USA
Iranian-American photographer. Portfolio: http://www.zoyari.com/ on this site: → more

Sören Koopmann, Germany
History and English literature → more

Stephen LeDrew, Canada/ Sweden
Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Religion at Uppsala University. → more

Rick McCarty, USA
Professor of Philosophy, East Carolina University → more

Andrew McKenzie-MacHarg, Australia/ UK
History PhD-grant, Gotha Research Centre → more

Keinosuke Johan Miyanaga, USA
author at Quora → more

Ryan Reece, USA/ Switzerland
Postdoc at Cern , Geneva → more

Mustafa Sahin, Turkey/ Germany
Journalist, Düsseldorf → more

Olaf Simons, Germany
Historian of literature, Gotha Research Center → more

Marc Eliot Stein, USA
Independent drupal web developer for arts, media and more, famous for his http://www.litkicks.com/ blog, organising the http://pacifism21.org/ project. → more

Denny Vrandecic, Croatia/ Germany/ USA
Researcher, software developer, Wikipedian, working for Google → more

Mikhail Yagikh, Russia
blogging otherwise at http://gptu-navsegda.livejournal.com/781943.html, → more

The Dead

John Henry Bridges
Medical inspector to the Local Government Board in London, UK (→ bio) → more

Edward James Mortimer Collins
British Writer (→ bio) → more

Auguste Comte
Philosopher of the Republic of the West (→ bio) → more

George du Maurier
Franco-British Cartoonist (→ bio) → more

George Eliot
British Writer (→ bio) → more

Henri Gouhier
French philosopher, historian of philosophy, and literary critic (→ bio) → more

Ernst Mach
Austrian physicist and philosopher (→ bio) → more

John Stuart Mill
British philosopher (→ bio) → more

Émile Zola
French Writer (→ bio) → more

    To live with the dead constitutes one of the most precious privileges of humanity
    → Auguste Comte

Image Source

Mohammad Kheirkhah © Moe Zoyari, Chicago, 2015