Europe, a visual diary: Berlin

Mohammad Kheirkhah, Berlin, Holocaust Memorial 1

Mohammad Kheirkhah, Berlin, Holocaust Memorial 2

2015-11-23: Seen Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin.

She walked toward me and ask something in German. I told her that I do not speak any German, unfortunately. In broken English, she asked again: “what is these?” – I said, this place is a Holocaust Memorial site. A symbolic place to remember the murdered of six million Jews during the war. She replied: “Oh, Holocaust”. – Kids were jumping over the slabs, and were laughing loudly in distance. And I already knew, I would rather have noisy happy kids around, that any kind of war in any part of this world.


Mohammad Kheirkhah, US-based Photographer
Mohammad Kheirkhah, US-based Iranian Photographer

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