so let’s get this started

We – has to be defined later. Yet we are trying to get a first group of authors together – from different continents, of different perspectives, ready to give their personal views, on politics, the sciences, modern life, beliefs around us. We should risk the distinctive personal point of view. What do things look like from where we just stand.

Will we develop a distinctly positivist agenda? May be without planning it. The project should be open for changing views. Where will the authors come from? Let’s rely on the snowball system. Everything attractive gains momentum as it goes.

We are positively curious about how this will develop

Olaf Simons / Andrew McKenzie-MacHarg


2 thoughts on “so let’s get this started

  1. When did it start?
    I just discovered that the first translation of Comte was made in Berlin, as early as 1824, in Friedrich Buchholz’s Neue Monatsschrift für Deutschland, historisch-politischen Inhalts
    I am surprised, because I thought that Comte’s international reception was first in Great Britain (Stuart Mill, in the 1840s, and even in 1828, when G. D’Eichthal went to London; and because the received view says that Germany has mainly been indifferent to, if not hostile to, Comte’s ideas.


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