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[Olaf Simons, Gotha, Germany] This short tweet surprised me in its sharpness

I opened a twitter account for our website (as I had never understood why anyone would love to communicate in 140 character messages). Its quite unlike facebook, quite another game. Facebook is more exclusive with its system of mutual friendships and more authoritative with the feature of designed official pages you can run in order to send messages to fans and supply them with items they might “like” to spread. The regular facebook item is bigger: is an image with a message or an album of images. Facebook inspires the visualisation of messages.

Twitter is coincidental. Start with the search function. You can do “hashtag searches” – searches with a # at the #beginning of a #word, and you will find the community’s agreements on ongoing discourses to which new messages are supposed to belong. You can just as well search any word you like. Here the searches for positivism or positivist, and you will get far beyond the intended discourse, into the ongoing usage of the word.

You can interfere in ongoing exchanges, quite indecent but funny. You can “retweet” a message you find funny among your followers, you can “favourite” it, but you can also address those who were involved in this exchange by pressing the reply button. Suddenly you are in their talk. They can block you of course, but they might allow you to be part of the party. Someone said something, like the person next to you at the ship’s railing looking into the same distance, you respond and are in a debate. Here a fragment of a morning of thought with Egyptian born actress Amanda Azim whose scattered remarks about ethics and the sciences had startled me:

Most tweets that mention positivism are of the post-1950s evangelical type. People all around the world love to begin their days with the simple tweet #positivism! And voilá, its a wonderful day, here you are! I had an intriguing discussion about the historical usages of the word and its differentiations with Cascokid and can’t agree more:

well, the dead ones are not really talkative I’ve heard.

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